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Valentin Bajolle

54 rue Haxo
75020 Paris

+ 33 6 17 69 12 15


graphic design

Freelance graphic designer, Valentin Bajolle specializes in visual identity, logo design and editorial projects ; book design, magazines, newspapers… His graphic design style is characterized by a disciplined, logical and unique visual language. He attaches particular importance to the conceptual context of each project taking into consideration the target audience, the visual medium and overall design impact. Thanks to this professional approach Valentin Bajolle brings a strong and coherent aesthetic to each of his design projects.


As well as being a freelance graphic designer Valentin Bajolle is also an artist and painter – some of his art work is presented on this web site.

exhibitions & publications

Poster – Pas mon genre ! – Étapes, 2018
Oripeau – Nantes, 2018
Poster – Mysterious Kraków – Kraków, 2018
Poster – Madrid Grafica 18 – Madrid, 2018
Poster – Jazz in the ruins – Gliwice, 2018
File Magazine – London, 2018
Typographie – Typodarium 2018
Poster – Typography Day – Colombo, 2017
Poster – Blank Poster x Kon Paper – Munich, 2015


design : Valentin Bajolle
development : Quentin Thiaucourt
© 2017 Valentin Bajolle


Editorial – Illustration – Photography
29,7 x 42 cm

Design of a book based on the theme "Organism" including research of the human body. Here, the aim was to reinvent the visual codes of the traditional dictionary and to give it a more playful approach. The images created are a testing ground questioning the ability to make images and discover new ways of the creative process.

Fond de tiroir

Editorial – Illustration
15,5 x 24 cm

Fonds de tiroir is a series of digital drawings and textures started from scratch made using the digital process and presented in the form of a small book.


Identity – Illustration
30 x 30 cm

Artwork for the fictive band Dune, whose music is inspired by Frank Herbert's most famous science-fiction novel.
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